Training Racehorses for Flat and National Hunt racing

Training Racehorses for Flat and National Hunt racing

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We have plenty of new faces for the AW '20-'21 and turf '21 seasons. There are some really exciting prospects within them, horses were noticeably more affordable at the more recent Horses In Training sales so we were able to purchase a higher calibre of performer than in recent years. We would really like to increase the amount of owners, syndicates and racing clubs in the yard, as after a very tricky year for us all, it would be great to move forwards with bigger and better things to look forwards to. Photos to follow of the most recent acquisitions; they range from yearlings up to 6 year old handicappers. If anyone would like further information about prices, or horses available, then please do not be shy! We would love to hear from you, whether that be full ownership, a smaller share, or joining a racing club / syndicate within the yard.

Stay safe everyone, and thank you to our loyal owners who have continued to support us during this incredibly difficult year. 

Horses in Training

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Horses for Sale

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