Training Racehorses for Flat and National Hunt Racing

Training Racehorses for Flat and National Hunt Racing

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Delighted to report that the horses are flying along! We've had 3 winners in the space of 5 days, with plenty of placed efforts too. We've already had more winners in 2021 than we did in 2020, and we aren't even halfway through yet! Long may it continue. We still have our 2 year olds to debut yet, they are coming along nicely and have strengthened up really well, hopefully you'll see them on a racecourse in the not too distant future. 


We've a couple of spaces if anyone is thinking of sending us a horse - please do, we have room and would love some fresh faces. Hope everyone is enjoying being back on the racecourse together - we certainly are.





Horses in Training

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Horses for Sale

Please take a look at the horses we have for sale. If you are interested in a specific horse please get in touch and arrange to visit us.